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created : 4 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Banknifty Short Saptarshi- Banknifty Option Hedge Algo for all Market conditions

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Strategy description

This is not a complete Hedge strategy, this is directional hedge strategy on Banknifty option short.

Loss can be 2500 - 3000 based on the slippage.

Profit can be 2500 to 3000 based on slippage

We might change the Target and SL during market hours based on the market condition for the benefit of our traders. 

Winning : 70%

Average Profit/Month: Rs. 10,000/-

Investment: Rs. 60,000/- 

Risk Vs Reward: 1:1

Strategy Disclaimer: This strategy gets automated Entry/Exit signals from Amibroker, where the Buy positions are always taken before any Short positions (during initial Entry). But the actual execution sequence might vary based on Tradetron's order of execution rule. If you face any margin related issues please let us know.

Details: This is a Option Short Strategy designed on Banknifty Option Selling. This strategy falls under Nakshatra group of strategies. If you are part of our Telegram channel, then you must be aware of our Nakhatra group of strategies. The strategy is Iron Condor, which comprises of two Buy and two Short option legs.

Option shorting based strategies are the simplest and most consistence as it doesn't depend on market direction.  

Here Saptarshi is completely different as this adjusts its Call/Put positions based on Banknifty's direction.

Backtested Data: To know more about the strategy and see the backtested data, please visit our website 

DTM Algo: 
We have Trend following strategy too, Please check our available strategies to distribute your portfolio accordingly. 

We are offering this strategy in upfront and profit sharing mode, where you pay a minimum amount upfront and rest only if you earn.  

The strategy has a Stop Loss per trade and has multiple entry and exit points.

Maximum loss per trade can be Rs. 2,000/- . Slippage cost is the cost we need to pay due to high volatility of Banknifty movement in market order which might change the overall loss some times.

Fund Requirement: For 1X there will be a maximum of 2 short position and 2 long position at a time, hence the margin is calculated accordingly.

Brokers & offerings: This strategy can be integrated with all the Brokers mentioned in Tradetron approved Broker List. We can help you to get the integration done, in case you fail to integrate.

If you open Trading account with our preferred broker Mastertrust or IIFL through our reference, then you will get discount and might get the strategy FREE for first 3 months.

Caution: Please check if your Broker has any restriction of OTM option trade, if so then please do not subscribe this strategy.

Payment Terms: Rs 1000/- per 1X upfront payment per month, and later 10% on profit share. 

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Standard Disclaimer: We are not SEBI Registered yet. Algorithm based Trading strategies are tested on historical data. Past results of any individual trading system presented are only indicative of future returns by that system, and can not confirm same future returns. Algo based strategies generates automated Buy and Sell signals based on certain pre defined criteria, which does not guarantee 100% accuracy all the time. There is substantial risk of losing money in case the rule fails for any market condition.