created : 8 months ago| |  live deployment: 5

created : 8 months ago |  live deployment: 5


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Strategy description

check your capital requirement as per your brokerage.

Intraday square off 3:23 p.m

Capital Required for 1X is 4,00,000 (full capital required for  buying stock option)

Win Ratio (first papertrade and then decide)

Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI registered analyst.  I am not responsible for your any loss. All the investments or trades in share market and commodity market are subject to market risk . please carefully read and know all the related information before trading. So please consult your financial adviser and and judge yourself before investing or trading in this strategy. 

 Algo Trading is also have some limitations. FNO stock options are illiquid. Please keep in mind.


This strategy is very high risky.Please keep close eye while in live deployment. As the stock options are very illiquid so the error may come at anytime. It is your duty to keep eye on it and manage the errors accordingly.

So it is very important that before going to live deployment, everyone should have sufficient knowledge about how to manage the errors in tradetron quickly. Without any knowledge about tradetron error management don’t go for  live trading.

Before going to live deployment please go for papertrading at least for 2 months and match all the trades time and price in your respective broker chart.Then decide for live deployment as purely it is your own your own decision.

Note: past performance or papertrade performance does not guarantee about the future profit or loss.

The clients should understand and acknowledge that there is a very high degree of risk involved in algo trading. By deploying this strategy the clients should agree that use of the Service is entirely at their own risk.

clients are advised to test PAPERTRADE IN OFFLINE MODE  with 1X capital  till they are satisfied.

check all trades taken in papertrade in your broker chart and then decide.

As there is huge slippage in stock options LTP, it is very difficult to decide the net loss to avoid universal exit. we have given 20 % stoploss for every trade 

It should be noted that  that PAPER Trading  are  different from LIVE AUTO deployment as per tradetron services provided.

Exchanges : NFO

Capital Required

₹ Rs 4,00,000 (for 1x multiplier)

Monthly Fee    (free for now)

variable fee / monthly.....


This strategy is purely intraday strategy. it starts after market open (9:15 am) and exits from all position just after 3:23 pm .All trades are CNC order and needs full margin for buying the stock options.  This strategy will take multiple entry in a single day. So, please watch on paper mode first, then calculate net profit after all expenses. 

About this strategy:

1. This strategy works (buying) on NFO  stock options. 

2. It buys stock options  when our pre-defined conditions are satisfied. our aim is to buy stock option and sell it in intraday. No carry, no tension overnight.

in this strategy one condition is added that "open positions < number (8)). that means the number trades should be always less than 8 for 1 universal exit. So as per the property of tradetron service and keyword "open positions", the number of trades may be vary during satisfaction of entry conditions at a time.

Target is greater than 20% of buy price or > than 3000 and stop loss is less than or equal 25% for each trade.

when PNL goes above 30000 then it exits universally from all positions. Then after 5 minutes it is reactivated automatically for new trade.

check every counter for  individual trade profit and loss.

3. this strategy doesn't work on every current monthly expiry day because of time decay of option value.

4. capital required for this strategy Rs 4,00,000 for buying stock options with some additional buffer amount for any PNL adjustment during trading.

5. If you are an active trader, you can book profit and can individually pause strategy for the day, once you attain your daily profit target.

6. Again strategy will take trade as soon as you make it active, reactivate as per the market condition.


Algo Trading is also have some limitations.

Always Past performance have no guarantee of upcoming results. our strategies are expected to be fully automated by the service provided by Tradetron platform but you are advised to keep your eyeover your real trading account to observe any difference or errors or pnl. Incase any Manage (Error) visible in your account during trading then you have to manually "cancel" or "completed manually" from 3 dots setting of respected strategy. before going to papertrade or live trade,clients have also knowledge about how to subscribe, deploy,papertrade,manage the errors during trading so as to avoid any emergency.


clients are requested to exit when they are at good profit. our each counter universally exits at 10000.So whey they get 3 to 4 counters that can exit and pause the strategy for that day.Again they can restart after trading hour.

 Client needs to maintain minimum capital always along with the desired margin fund(with buffer amount).

Please Note that PAPER Trading and Live offline results are far different from LIVE AUTO deployment.

So all subscribers are requested to see their trades just after 3:23 pm . if all the trades are not being exiting automatically by universal exit, then he should close all trades by manually or directly from their trading account and then delete that trade from tradetron live deployment to avoid per tradetron coding language we have given ( time > number (1521) ) in universal exit conditions. so just after 3.21 pm all trades should exit at current ask price for quick exit .