created : 6 months ago| |  live deployment: 3

created : 6 months ago |  live deployment: 3

Maximiser Strategy

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Strategy description

The “Maximiser Strategy” focuses on higher success rate and consistent results. It takes trades during the early trading hours and exits by 10:00 AM in the morning. It takes advantage of the sudden spike movements during the beginning of the day. It runs only on non-expiry days. This strategy also ensures that there is proper risk management in place. This is done by back testing the strategy for a period of 6 months each, and identifying the streaks and maximum loss. The result of that is added onto the initial capital requirements to ensure your capital is well protected.

Risk to Reward ratio and probability of success

The “Maximiser Strategy”  has a risk of 1-2% and reward upto 4% on a given trading day. So, on 1x multiplier the per day stoploss is 1.5K and profit could go until 4K, thus having a risk to reward ratio of 2:5 and an approximate  probability of success of 60%. 

Entry and Square Off Timings

This algo trades only intraday on all days using MIS orders. It starts taking trades from 9:17 AM and exits when the target or SL is met. All trades are squared off by 10:00 AM.

BackTest Results

As per backtest results for last 6 months, this strategy yields a profit of 37% with a max drawdown of 4.18%. This means for 1X multiplier having a capital of 100K, the profit after 6 months is 36.6K and max continuous loss is about 4.2K. The detailed backtest results can be found Here.

Capital Required

The algo uses an unique scalping strategy for entry and sells Bank Nifty options trades to ensure lower risk and higher gains. The minimum margin requirement is 130K (including a streak protection of 8k) for 1x multiplier. However, ideal margin requirement should be 400K so that the brokerages/commissions don’t have a bigger impact on your profits. Our recommendation is to strictly follow the capital requirements and not over trade, even though you may see additional unused margin in your account after trades are taken. 

Complementary Strategies

Complementary strategies are mutually exclusive strategies with this strategy. When you deploy this strategy there will not be any additional margin requirements to use the complementary strategies. So, if you have already deployed any/all of the complementary strategy then you do NOT need any additional margin for this strategy and vice-versa. You can subscribe to the below strategies along with this strategy :

“Balancer Strategy” and “Optimiser Strategy”


We are happy to announce that for quarter two of 2021 all strategies from iFinStrats will  be FREE for all clients.

Trade Management

Please note that for judging performance of an algo, you need to give it time. We personally use this algo for trading and can vouch for its success. So, try this for alteast a period of 1 month, before writing it off. Use PaperTrading to gain confidence. Although, algos are fully automated, you need to manage the trades to ensure any technical or communication failure from the exchange or your broker is addressed manually. In case you want us to manage your trades and entire process from account opening to management, please feel free to contact us.

Broker Account

You may use any broker of your choice, however our recommendation will be to use AliceBlue since their brokerages are less and there is no additional cost for Algo trading. You may open the account using link below, or else reach out to us for a complete end to end on-boarding assistance without any additional cost.

Alice Blue Account opening -

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