created : 3 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 3 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Money Maker 5.0

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Strategy description

Strategy Description


This is a bank nifty intraday option selling strategy. Multiple entry will happen within a day . 

Always look at the monthly return. If you are looking for ‘everyday profit only strategy’, this is not for you.  Asses the quality of the strategy after a month or two. 

Important Note : 

 Must deploy the Hedge strategy to get margin benefit. 

Capital Requirement


Always keep 100k for 1X multiplier. Check with your individual brokerage to know exact margin required. Typically 100k is sufficient if deployed together with above Hedge strategy.

Profit sharing

  • Fixed Subscription cost of this strategy is zero and 10% profit sharing per month on Tradetron shown PNL
  • 1st of every month, an Invoice will be sent to respective users and they need to pay within 5 days

Support and contact

Rules to follow:

Before live deployment, please do paper trade until you gain 100% confidence in this strategy. This is an amazing strategy when implemented with discipline. Discipline is the key in trading.

Control your emotions and let the Algo work for you. Let the market move in any direction, stick to the plan. You have to manage incase of any error happens due to margin issue or token generation.

when strategy gives good results in your initial days of deployment do not get excited and increase multiplier. Increase the lot size systematically. 


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