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created : 3 months ago |  live deployment: 0


Strategy description


COMPLEXLY or I'm not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy any of our strategies based on past performance only.  Paper trading for a month is the best way to learn and earn huge return in long run. You won't become rich in the short term with any strategy.


This strategy is introduced by Complexly 

strategy is based on INTRADAY options buying in nifty. It tries to find a trend

MARGIN required for day-to-day trading is  20000 (for any bigger drawdown it's advised to keep 50000 as margin)

Portfolio allocation. option buying strategies should have an allocation under 20% of your capital. for risk management

Max Per Day Risk: The strategy has a max loss of -2000 (added from 6th December 2022)

Max Per Day Target: 2000 (added from 6th December 2022)

The average number of Trades per Day: 10-12 . max trade would be around 24-25
Entry & Reentry: The strategy starts at 9:16 AM. Leg-based entry and reentry happen the entire day as per market moves.

Exit: The strategy exits at 3:24 PM. 

ORDER PLACED are NRML MARKET and execution is set for 100% tranching 


The strategy works in trending market conditions except for the big W kind of market.  Whoever wants systematic trading with consistent returns your search ends here. 


1.  The strategy buys one far otm too with penny value.(it's introduced due to some logical issue with tradetron. trying to find a solution to remove it)

2. The strategy should be deployed and should be in active status before 9:10 it should not be deployed in the middle of the day.

3. The margin required for trade is  20000 but it's advised to keep a buffer up to 50000 for each multiplier to manage drawdown.

4. It's advised to first paper trade the strategy before deploying as it's a high-risk high-reward strategy.

5. If you want to increase the multiplier or deploy higher capital, As the positions are taken ITM there will be huge slippage if you deploy in higher multiples so it is advised to instead opt for another one NIFTY 1 option buying. BANK NIFTY 1 option buying, BANK NIFTY 2 Option buying, INDEX COMBO 1 and 2, IT will give you diversity. If you are happy you want to deploy even higher capital contact us.

6. As It's systematic trading there will be many instances where profits will turn to losses and losses will turn to profit. but is advised to not interfere with the strategy and to see its result you have to be consistent in its deployment.

7. It's advised for traders to opt for some free brokerage brokers like finvasia, or some cheap brokerage plans to keep the cost of trading as low as possible.

8. the PNL will vary from user to user. IT'S MOST IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS. all orders for all users may not get executed at the same price.

IF you are happy with our system and you want to deploy even higher capital contact us for custom strategy as per capital.


1   SOMETIMES THE FAR OTM WILL NOT GET closed at EOD due to low no buyer (SPECIALLY ON EXPIRY) then the strategy will go in error execution. you have to click on error execution and click on completed manually, the error will be removed.

TRADETRON PAPER TRADING RESULTS ARE SHARED AND UPDATED ON OUR TELEGRAM CHANNEL, AS SEBI, and TRADETRON has issued notice for not sharing it on the description page.

Strategy Cost


Max Per Day Risk: The strategy has a max loss of -2000 (added from 6th December 2022)

Max Per Day Target: 2000 (added from 6th December 2022)

Strategy is free to subscribe. At the end of the month on your live deployment whatever profit will be there, 10% of that profit will be invoiced to you. if there is any loss at the end of the month the losses will be carried and adjusted in upcoming months, the last date to clear the invoice will be the 5th of the month, and those who fail will be blocked.