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created : 3 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Do or Die - Expert Trader

Strategy description

Thanks for choosing this strategy

# It's a BankNifty option buying strategy.

# It's a purely intraday scalping strategy based on technical analysis.

# Capital required is about 80k. (40k + 40k buffer)

# It may take several entries in a day if conditions are met. So, to save brokerage use Finvasia, Kotak Securities (not Kotak Neo, it doesn't support api as of now) or any other broker with low FNO intraday brokerage is advisable.

# Maximum loss is 6k/day, but target is open. On suitable days targets can reach over 20k.

# Generate token every morning before 9:15 AM. Do not activate the strategy during trading hours, else you may incur severe losses.

# Do not exit mid-way seeing the profit or loss, let the algorithm do it's work.

# It will take at least 1 reversal to enter into trade and will work best in volatile market.

# On any odd day it may not enter into any trade due to 1 sided movement of the market, but it will be very rare.

# Don't worry about the drawdown, it's calculated as per the risk-reward ratio, deploy it for at least 1 month to see good results. 

# Do Paper Trading for about 1 month before deploying into Live Auto. I should not be held responsible for any profit or loss incurred.

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Happy Trading......Jai Hind