created : 1 month ago| |  live deployment: 7

created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 7


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Strategy description

Strategy Description

Capital protection is the motto of this strategy so don’t expect gigantic returns (expect only 48 percentage in an year)

  1. This is a simple intraday nifty option selling strategy with simple logic, but what makes this successful one is the fact that it does not attempt to be in trade for long, it accepts the losses and stays out of the trades for the day and, takes out the profits and will keep the days winnings without further trades 
  2. It starts as a non directional strategy but will transform itself to directional if the market becomes directional ,but after making a particulate target in a directional market ,it agin becomes non directional to keep the profits
  3. The risk reward ratio is very high .Rs. 750 is the maximum loss per day and Rs. 2000 is the profit target for the day, in simple words ,one day’s profit is enough to take care of almost 3 days losses  
  4. Trailing stop loss starts at 1000, means once it crosses Rs.1000 profits, no more losses for the day
  5. Since the stop loss per day is very small ,it is likely that SL hitting days are higher compared to other strategies ,but there won’t be any big loss days
  6. Max expected DD is around 5 percentage 
  7. Max margin requirement is Rs. 109000 as per Zerodha without hedges
  8. If you guys  want to reduce the capital further ,you can buy far hedges around 9.20 can sell the hedges  almost the same price in the evening
  9. Capital requirement with hedges comes around 55k in Zerodha 
  10. I have a bank nifty selling strategy exactly the same logics as this ,as a combo these gives far better returns.(
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Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Past performances doesn’t guarantee future results. Each day in market is a different day and am not responsible for your losses.You are expected to keep monitor the strategy to check for any errors which may occur.If you have not traded FNO manually I strongly discourage you from deploying this because only those people really understands the risks associated with FNO trading