created : 1 month ago| |  live deployment: 5

created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 5

Small pepper-N

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Strategy description

Max DD expected for this strategy is around 35 percentage ,but a DD upto 22 percentage occurs in ALL months ,so if you are not comfortable with such high DD ,PLEASE DONT DEPLOY, THIS IS A HIGH RISK ,HIGH REWAED STRATEGY

  1. This strategy takes trades in nifty options
  2. This is a positional strategy -so prone to overnight fluctuations 
  3. It is always in trade depending on the prevailing trend
  4. In sideways market days there can be many trades (somedays there will be 20 trades)
  5. Don't interfere with algo you may miss a big movement
  6. Capital required per trade is around 12k and i have included a buffer or 38k since it is an option buying strategy (position sizing is very important, it will help you to be with this algo for long time and benefit from it)
  7. No fixed target 
  8. There is no stop loss
  9. No trailing stop loss
  10. there are days in which there was a drawdown of 20 percentage in a single day.but the strategy recovers quite fast 
  11. Though this algo never ended a month in loss ,please be prepared for that also
  12. Enough capital is provided in the algo itself to tide over any DD that is expected ,please stay with the algo for 6 months it will give return beyond expectation
  13. Dont increase multiplier just because you are in profit for a week, wait until algo makes double the max DD fro you before going  for higher multiples
  14. If you like the strategy please drop a positive feedback 

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    1. Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Past performances doesn’t guarantee future results. Each day in market is a different day and am not responsible for your losses.You are expected to keep monitor the strategy to check for any errors which may occur.If you have not traded FNO manually I strongly discourage you from deploying this because only those people really understands the risks associated with FNO trading