created : 2 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 2 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Intraday Banknifty Dynamic Straddle With Hedges

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Strategy description

  • Strategy Details:

  1. This is A Intraday Banknifty Short Straddle Strategy
  2. Which Takes Entry Based On Market Conditions
  3. This Strategy can take multiple exit and entry based on market movement to avoid big losses & will take universal exit at 3.28 PM.
  4. Hedges are included in this Strategy. Strategy Will Always Execute Buy Legs First To Avoid The high Margin Requirements.
  5. Regarding Margin Requirement: Margin Required For 1X will Around 90000. A buffer of 10k would be sufficient to avoid margin shortfall.

Suggestions & Warnings:

  1. Please Deploy this Strategy In Paper trading Mode For At least 1 Week & If You Feel Confident Enough Then Deploy In Live Auto Mode. 
  2. For Any Queries Or Problems Please Contact Me @

Disclaimer: I'm not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy this strategy based on past performance only.