created : 2 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 2 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Short Strangle Bank Nifty (Intraday)


Strategy description

An intraday option selling strategy for Bank Nifty index.

How it Works: 

This strategy tries to capture intraday theta decay while trying to limit losses from delta moves. This strategy loses to IV spikes and gains from IV crash.

Please check the exit on error option to avoid losses from execution errors.

Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI-registered advisor. I am not liable for any losses as a result of using this strategy. Please consult with your Financial Advisor before Trading. I strongly recommend to paper trade the strategy for at least a month before deploying it in live mode. Since this strategy is not heged, errors can lead to huge losses if left unattended. Past performance in backtests is no guarantee of future returns.