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created : 3 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Positional - Nifty Options Buying with Overnight Hedge

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Strategy description

Positional - Nifty Options Buying with Overnight Hedge:

* It takes trade Entry from 9.15AM to 3.29PM, Whenever the Conditions get Satisfied and Exit on 3.15PM on Weekly Expiry Day.
* It ll take Overnight ATM CE/PE Sell Position at 3.28PM

* Carries Overnight Option Position from 3.28PM to 9.18PM, With Option for Hedging. For Example - If Carries CE, It ll Carry ATM CE Sell or If Carries PE, It ll Carry ATM PE Sell for Overnight Safety, So If Huge Gap Down or Gap up, MTM ll not Affect in Big Time!

* It always holds either CE or PE as per the Conditions!

* Anytime you can Deploy the Algo Live, There is no Timing for this - as its a Positional Algo.

* As it is a Positional Algo, It has Overnight Risk and Reward is there!

* P&L Invoice will be Raised every week Saturday and the Payment has to be done before Tuesday!!

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