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created : 3 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Earn 2500 Daily - Bank Nifty Intraday Options Buying

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Strategy description

Earn 2500 Gains Daily - Bank Nifty Intraday Options Buying :

* It takes trade Entry from 9.20AM to 3.20PM, Whenever the Conditions get Satisfied.
* It ll Exit, When the Profit Reaches +2500 or When the Loss Reaches -4000 or 3.20pm, which comes 1st and Automatically Reactivate for Next Trading Day!!

* No Overnight Carry - Pure Intraday!

* It always holds either Buy Side or Sell Side as per the Conditions on Market Hours till +2500 Profit Reaches!

* Best time to Deploy is Before 9AM in the Morning, Avoid Fresh Deployment in Market Hours.

* P&L Invoice will be Raised every week Saturday and the Payment has to be done before Tuesday!!

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