created : 4 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 4 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Final Nifty Directional Earner

Strategy description

The strategy takes overnight position

  1. New Entry every Friday morning after 9:20 based on direction.
  2. Strategy Exit at 3 PM on Thursday (Weekly Expiry)
  3. It works great with most of the brokers, as it will always Sell ATM Strikes. 
  4. It takes a directional Bullish position by Selling Nifty/BN Put Options AND Bearish Position by Selling Nifty/BN Call Options
  5. It buys Nifty Hedge 1000 points OTM and 2000 points OTM for BN.


  1. The max drawdown has been 20% on the capital required historically. 
  2. DO NOT increase multiplier looking at the results, as you need to save your capital in case of drawdowns
  3. If you don't follow the above Rule, you'll surely face problems at some time in future
  4. There is no Stop Loss in this system and it will exit based on the signals generated by the Strategy 
  5. It has a target of 75% of the premium and then takes the next ATM strike in the direction of the trend


  1. Please don't change the multiplier during the week. 
  2. The only time you should increase / decrease your X Multiplier is between Thursday after market hours and Friday before market hours
  3. If you change your multiplier in between, the strategy will not work properly and you WILL incur losses