created : 6 months ago| |  live deployment: 0

created : 6 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Happy Days

Strategy description

It is purely an intraday strategy to avoid overnight risk of selling options..

Some Details :

Entry Time                        :   9-31 AM

Exit Time                           :    14-55 PM 

Capital Requirement : 

Rs 2,00,000 for 1X Multiplier

Subscription Fees :  Free

Broker Requirement :

Zero brokerage Broker like Finvasia, Kotak Securities etc...

Open Demat account with :

Finvasia :

Kotak Securities :

Support  & Assistance : 

Profit Sharing :

10% profit sharing on Trade Tron shown P/L. Profit sharing invoice will be generated monthly and user need to pay within 7 days, defaulter will be blocked from the strategy..

Risk Disclaimer :

We are not SEBI registered analyst. Neither the Strategy Creator nor Trade-Tron is responsible for any loss to you by deploying this strategy. Please consult your Financial Advisor before Trading in Stock/Options Market. Do not deploy any emergency funds or take any over exposure that may impact you if things go wrong. Also note that Automated Trading is not unsupervised trading, you are expected to keep an eye on the trading as any technology can sometimes have limitations/errors/downtime, etc..