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created : 5 months ago |  live deployment: 1

BN options Hedge BOT 02

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Strategy description

Bank Nifty Option Hedge BOT 2


Capital Requirement: - 2,50,000/-

Strategy Type: - Intraday

Product Type : Auto Square Off At 3.05 PM

Earn Theta, Intraday & Deltaneutral

Strategy description: - This is purely intraday strategy which takes directional trades on systematic pattern & proper risk management. Trade maximum 4-5 strikes price a day one by one or as per the best combination as per the market movement & volatility.


Strategy aims to make reasonable profits in rangebound market and minimize the losses in a highly trending market.


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Disclaimer: Our all strategies are fully automated & Intraday. Keep eye over your account before market close & confirm that position has been square off without any error. Good & past performance is no guarantee of future result.

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