created : 5 months ago| |  live deployment: 1

created : 5 months ago |  live deployment: 1

Trading View - Banknifty Weekly ATM Options Buy v102

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Strategy description

This is a directional Banknifty Weekly ATM Options Buying strategy. ATM Call or Put Options are bought and squared off based on the underlying strategy logic.

Capital requirement is lesser for this strategy as compared to Deep ITM or Monthly Options. However, the decay is faster.  

You are requested to paper trade for 2 to 3 months or till you get confidence on this strategy before deploying it Live. Capital requirement for the strategy is calculated considering the margin needed for the strategy positions plus buffer for possible drawdown in the strategy.

Also, my personal experience says its best to go slow and start with only 1 lot in Live trading before increasing the number of lots.

Lets grow together.

Disclaimer: I am not a SEBI registered Analyst, Advisor or Portfolio Manager. I do not take responsibility for any losses that may occur as a result of deploying the Algo strategies I have put up on Tradetron. Futures and Options segment is a very risky segment of the markets which can also result in complete loss of capital. You are advised to consult your Financial Advisor to understand the risks associated with FNO and also to assess if these algo strategies align with your financial plan and profile. In case you decide to try out these strategies after consulting your Financial Advisor, you are advised to extensively paper trade these strategies to understand the nuances of the strategy working better before you deploy and strategy in Live execution on Tradetron.

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