created : 5 months ago| |  live deployment: 4

created : 5 months ago |  live deployment: 4

Blooming Bonny - Daily income series

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Strategy description

Blooming Bonny Daily income series is a variation of Blooming Bonny specifically designed for low risk low returns.   This is Banknifty Options Writing Strategy. This is a purely intraday strategy. It identifies option shorting opportunity and mostly takes delta neutral position. Although this is similar to Blooming Bonny this strategy has additional layers for Profit protection. This strategy continuously looks for potential market reversal based on certain indicators in the additional layer. If it senses any possibility of reversal the strategy is designed to exit and protect the profit that is already earned during the trade.

Please note that this strategy is designed to give small profit on most days. This strategy will never give high returns but is designed to give consistent small returns. 



This Strategy has target of 1350 on 1x multiplier. Since Banknifty movements are very fast there might be a difference of +/-200 in the actual trades.


This Strategy has a fixed stoploss of 2500 on 1x multiplier. Since Banknifty movements are very fast there might be a difference of +/-200 in the actual trades.

Capital Requirement :-

This Strategy requires 45,000 margin for 10x leverage. Check with your broker what is the leverage you get for intraday option writing and calculate capital requirement accordingly. 

We suggest keeping MTM buffer of 5000 so Ideally maintain a capital of 30,000 for this strategy for 1x multiplier.

Profit Sharing

The Strategy doesn't have any upfront fees.

There will be 10% profit sharing monthly. The profit sharing amount will be calculated based on cumulative gross profit across all our strategies (In case you have deployed one or more of our other strategies). For example in Blooming Bonny HNI (This Strategy) there is profit of 20,000. For our other strategy there is monthly profit of 15,000 and in  one more strategy  loss of 5000. 

In the above case amount of profit will be considered as 20,000+15,000-5000 = 30,000. So profit is considered as cumulative across all strategies.

Profit sharing discount

For all the users having trading account with our Broking partner there will be discounted profit sharing. 

All our strategy will be FREE up-to cumulative profit of 20,000 per month for subscribers having trading account with our Broking Partner through us. i,e. If you have deployed our 5 strategies then when total profit from all our strategies crosses 20,000 then the additional profit beyond 20,000 will be charged at 10%. For the discount of first 20,000 profit we will issue discount voucher worth 2,000 every month.


To Open trading account through us with our Broking Partner you can message on telegram or email us. 

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