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Strategy description

Welcome to All Market Conditions Strategy. 
Strategy is based on continuously checking the risk to reward for each day and sell NIFTY ATM CE and PE. Strategy does automatic adjustment as per market conditions.

Strategy buys OTM hedge before entry
The best part is that the number of trades are very less per month. 

It takes 4-8 trades per day. 
So, the net profit will be higher and expenses are less than 0.5%.

Strategy Explanation: Link

This is a 1 counter strategy.

Entry Time :

9:16 onwards

Exit Time: 3.00pm

Max Loss: 1500/day

Max Drawdown: 6%


Strategy goes directional and tries to limit loss in case of reversal. 

Can be used in all market conditions. 

TSL and Fixed Targets day wise as per setup.

Stick to strategy for at least a month before discarding any strategy.

For a good risk to reward, please keep a buffer of 1 Lac in case of drawdown.


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Daily PNL Summary

Strategy Cost: Free + 5%(Profit Sharing)


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