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created : 2 years ago |  live deployment: 0

Money Hunt V2

Strategy description

Update: 15th Jan 2021: 

Money Hunt V2 is had been performing well but in Jan 2021, it had seen continous losses as market had become very volatile and VIX keeps increasing during the day. We have made slight modification in the strategy to manage the volatility and also restricted the entry to once per day. 



This is an options selling strategy in Banknifty Index. This strategy takes Short Strangles or Short Straddles every day which depends on certain factors.


Cut losses short, run profits long…. This strategy has no max profit target, it runs when in profit till exit time.


Stop loss is defined based on certain percentage (may vary) of the traded options and max loss per day is restricted to INR.2500-3000/- for 1x multiplier.

Profits are booked between 2.45pm and 3.10pm. This strategy comes with trailing stop loss, once the strategy reaches Rs.1000 profits, TSL kicks in and the day doesnt turn RED. This reduces the max profitability as well but consistent smaller profits are better than extreme losses and profits, psychologically. 


This strategy works well during the days when Banknifty is range bound (joke) and if the market trends in a direction. During high volatile days (zig-zag), most likely the strategy may exit with SL. Afterall, its not a money printer, we all know.

The results are to be looked at a monthly basis rather on daily basis to have a comprehensive view of the ROI.


Although the algo takes care of the entry, exit, adjustments, you are advised to keep an eye over the account to watch for any errors which could be due to margin shortage or technical issue etc.


Profit Sharing:

Profit sharing is 10% of the profits. If you have opened account under my referral as given below, I would waive off the profit sharing concept for you. 

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Disclaimer: I am not SEBI registered advisor or Portfolio Manager. I do not take responsibility for any losses that might occur as a result of deploying this strategy nor do I guarantee any returns. If you are not aware of risks associated with FNO trading, you are strongly recommended to understand, analyse and then trade on FNOs.

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