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created : 11 months ago |  live deployment: 0

Banknifty Short Expert

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Gretings from pptechanlaysis,

As Name suggest its an Bank Nifty Option selling strategy. 

Its an Intraday strategy. It takes trades in NRNML order type but exits at end of the day (3:05)

No of trades are less compared to typical straddle strategy .

It takes one straddle only in a day. Very rarely it takes re entry based on market conditions. 

Average trades are in between 100-110 where as all other straddle strategies takes 200+ trades. Due to less no. of trades Brokerage and taxes cost is less. 

Below are backtest results from Jan 2020.

If you observed strategy has  given good result in 2020 Corona crash also with less drawdown and Superb Sharp Ratio.

Year 2020 Backtest Result

Year 2021 Backtest Result

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    We are not charging any upfront fees to paper trade strategy. Subscribe and Paper trade till you are comfortable to take this live on your account. 

    Our fee for taking this strategy Live is  only 10% of your profit on Monthly basis.


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