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created : 8 months ago |  live deployment: 0

V3_BankNifty_Dynamic_Straddle (without hedge)

Strategy description

Theme of the Strategy:       

 ·      Intraday Bank-Nifty Options Selling Strategy. 
·        Earn Theta Decay throughout the DAY.

·        It will Book profit or loss when 6,000 MTM is Reached.

·        Average Monthly return 5-10%
·        MAX Drawdown of Strategy 4 %

·        Limited risk, but consistent Profit.

·        V-shape Recovery handle till some points movement

  • Capital requirement:

  • ·        For 1X (1 lot) Capital Requirement would be  4-5 lakh without hedge if you deploy this strategy with a hedge, the capital requirement would only be 3 lakhs. 

Back-testing Report Stock Mock (15 Feb 2019 to 23 Dec 2021):

Backtesting Report Tradetron(Jan 2021 to Dec 2021):


  • Strategy Explanation:
  • ·        Strategy short three straddles of BANKNIFTY at 9:25 daily. 
  • ·        It takes adjustments as per the market movement. 

  • ·        When the market is moving upside it will move the PUT leg to the upside.

·        When the market is moving to the downside it will shift CALL leg to the downside.

  • ·        Shifting process will happen till some threshold 

  • ·        Because of slippages, PNL may vary from user to user.



No profit-sharing till 1st Feb 2022. 

After that 5% of profit sharing per month on Tradetron shown PNL. 

 How To Handle (errors):

·        Check-in notification log, what is the type of errors and act accordingly.
·        In case of margin errors, there is a high chance that ALGO will take some partial orders. So, check real trades in your terminal & square off all positions.
·        Manage the errors as cancel/ proceed/ done manually.
·        For Hedged strategy check all positions are filled or not? act accordingly.


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Support & Contact: 
  • ·        You can call on this number 8097578729 for any issues or queries.


  • ·        Open an Angel Broking account with us & Get All Strategy with less brokerage with Less* sharing on profit.  

·        Account opening link:

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