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Strategy description

Algo Professor Objective 

Algo Professor All  Algo Strategies are Dedicated to Producing Exceptional Returns for its Investors by Strictly Adhering to Mathematical and Statistical Methods.

Entry : By Satisfy Mathematical Condition 09.25 AM to10.35 AM 
Exit :    03.00 PM.

Capital Requirement :- It Depends On Broker Margin Calculator (1+1+1+1 =4  Strikes Bank Nifty Option Writing = 100000 )

Target and Stop Loss :- This is High frequency Strategy 

Each Counter Fixed Profit and Stop Loss : 5000 : -3000 

No Counters Per Day (Minimum ,Maximum ) = (1 , 3)

Super Bank Nifty Bot 400.0 + Deploy 2 X

Advise :  At Least  One week or Month  Paper Trade  

Caution for This Strategy:

This Strategy by Sudden Fall (1 or 3 Min) of Bank Nifty 900 to 1200 Points and India VIX More than 25 that Day only Max Loss Possible

Those Days Avoid  This Strategy 

This strategy is working  on Bank Nifty  Index Options writing . If you're not aware of losses, please read or learn about Option writing  and do not run this strategy till you are fully aware of the risks involved.

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 I or Algo Professor  are not SEBI registered advisors or Portfolio managers. I or Algo Professor  is not responsible for any kind of loss or slippages and volatility  occurred in above trading strategy.