created : 1 month ago| |  live deployment: 15

created : 1 month ago |  live deployment: 15

pi Libra STAD1 Counter 90

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Strategy description

Note:    1.  It is STRONGLY ADVISED to test the strategy in PAPER TRADING mode before resorting to live trading.




pi Libra STAD1 Counter 90 is a short Straddle strategy created specially to capitalize time decay of Bank Nifty Index options with inbuilt  dynamic adjustments as per movement of Bank Nifty.


This strategy has minimum target of Rs.1100/- on 1x multiplier.


This strategy has a stop-loss of -1250 on 1x multiplier.  

Capital Requirement

This strategy envisages Rs. 90,000-125,000 capital for 1x multiplier. 


Profit Sharing

There is no upfront fees or fixed monthly fees

There will be 5% profit sharing on monthly basis.

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Disclaimer: I or pi Financial Concepts is not a SEBI registered analyst and as such will not be responsible for your any loss. All the investments or trades in share market and commodity market are subject to market risk. Please read carefully and know all the related information before trading. Please consult your financial adviser and judge yourself before investing or trading in this strategy.