created : 4 months ago| |  live deployment: 2

created : 4 months ago |  live deployment: 2

AW114-BN Ranger


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Strategy description

This startegy works on low premium far distant strikes (premium of about 100 to 150), capable of handling the wide range market initially and handles the directional move well. Strategy gets in the stress if there is a directional breakout and then market reverses but there is a strategy level stop loss to handle that.

Margin Requirement 
Normal Margin required - Rs. 350K

Margin with buy Hedge - Rs.  200K (with deep OTM buy hedges)

Max Risk Per Trade - Rs. 1000.

Number of trader per day - 1

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Disclaimer- I am not the SEBI registered Financial Advisor and traders must understand the risk involved in Futures & Options Trading and shall do proper due diligence before committing any money on trading after due consultation with whom you feel is better placed to advise you.