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Strategy description

Forward Test mode done. It gave decent returns in all mkt conditions.

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Creates multiple straddle based on mkt fluctuations from 9.25 am to 2.50 PM. Universal exit is configured at 2.58 PM.


Max Loss: Rs.4000 to 5000

Max Gain: There's no tgt.

Margin will be approx Rs.180000, recommended buffer is Rs.20000. Thus, total capital will be Rs.200000. Recommended Capital will be Rs.200000/- Per Multiplier.

Strategy Fee & Profit Sharing
Strategy fee will be Rs.1000 per month. Profit Sharing will be 10% of gross profit shown on Tradetron. Whatever gross profit shown on Tradetron will be applicable for 10% profit sharing. If you're ready and agree with this term, you're welcome, otherwise, automatically, AlgoMatic team will block you after 15 days of second month.


Paper trade and Live Auto trades, both are different because execution process of both mode is different. In paper trade, orders instantly get triggers on paper mode so there isn't any slippage or delay. At the same time, on live auto, if entry or sl conditions satisfy, it will send order to exchange and thus there's some delay in executing order that results some deviations.

To make a wise decision, you can check live auto real trade data from below link where AlgoMatic regularly updates PNL based on their own live auto deployment.

Link ->  Live Auto Real Trade AlgoMatic PNL Sheet

Disclaimer: AlgoMatic or I'm not SEBI registered investment or financial advisor. Don't deploy any AlgoMatic strategy based on past performance only. All the pnl that AlgoMatic updates is their own Live Auto pnl and it is for information purpose. Paper trading for a month is the best way to learn and earn huge return in long run with live auto. You won't become rich in short term with any strategy. Freak trades are new normal these days in option selling. It is highly risky to trade index option selling strategies. We depends on Tradetron execution and aren't responsible for any kind of losses happens in this strategy. Deploy only that capital which you're able to loss.