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created : 6 months ago |  live deployment: 0

banknifty Eagleview

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Strategy description

Strategy description

This is option based intraday smart strategy  at OTM with support mechanism which lead to the ultimate profit. Loss control and profit making strategy.


It will trade intraday Banknifty  options at a specified time.

Target & Stop loss: 
Target - Profit is Rs. 2000/- per lot. Can enter for 2/ 3 times. Also  can be booked as per choice by exiting.

Max loss Rs 2000/- per pair of lots.

You may exit anytime when you think your profit is enough.

Only profit sharing. No loss Sharing.


AlgoTron  is not a SEBI registered advisor or portfolio manager. Good Past performance is no guarantee of future results. It also extends to the fact - Don't discount an investment simply because it's done poorly recently - it can improve back to its way to its usual amazing results. 

Although it is 100% fully automated trading, You're advised to keep a slant eye over the account to monitor any significant deviation.

Happy Algo Trading :)



Capital Required

₹ 200000 for safe side in alice blue.