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Strategy description

Nippy Natural Gas is strategy for MCX Natural Gas Future. This is purely an intraday strategy. It identifies momentum trading opportunities in MCX Natural Gas contract based on certain parameters and Technical Indicators. It factors in historical movement of Zinc future contract and based on that continuously looks for the right time and price to enter the trade.

It will trade on both Short and Long side of Zinc. This strategy may not trigger trades every day. However it will wait for the opportunity and take position only when the right conditions are identified based on parameters. After the recent changes there are very less trades expected in this strategy so plan to deploy only if you are comfortable with the trading style.  


This Strategy has target of Rs. 2250/- per trade on 1x multiplier. 


This Strategy has a fixed stoploss of Rs. 2375/- per trade on 1x multiplier.

Capital Requirement :-

This Strategy requires Rs.18,000/- margin with 4x leverage. Check with your broker what is the leverage you get for intraday MCX trades and calculate capital requirement accordingly. 

We suggest keeping MTM buffer of Rs. 7,000/- so Ideally maintain a capital of Rs, 25,,000.- for this strategy for 1x multiplier.

Profit Sharing

There is no upfront fees or fixed monthly fees for any of our strategies

There will be 20% profit sharing monthly. The profit sharing amount will be calculated for gross profit for each strategy separately. If any strategy in loss for a specific month that loss will be carried forward to next month. So next month unless that loss is recovered and fresh new profit is generated there wont be any invoice. So to summarize Profit sharing fees is charged only for strategies in profit for any given month.

Profit Sharing Discount

For all the users having trading account with our Broking partner there will be discounted profit sharing. 

All our strategy will be FREE up-to cumulative profit of 13,400 per month for subscribers having trading account with our Broking Partner through us. i,e. If you have deployed our 5 strategies then when total profit from all our strategies crosses 13,400 then the additional profit beyond 13,400 will be charged at 15%. For the discount of first 13,400 profit we will issue discount voucher worth 2,000 every month or add the discount 

To Open trading account through us you can message on telegram or email us. 



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