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Strategy description

[HEDGE] For hedging and reducing margin to Rs115000 please deploy below strategy. Keep 10-20K extra cash in your account on top of required margin.


This strategy is a premium eating strategy and involves selling straddle(MIS) of 1 lot of Bank Nifty at the beginning of the day. It has adjustment logic inbuilt which keeps adjusting based on market movements up/down during the day and hence protect your capital and generate healthy return over a longer period of time.

Entry : within first 10 min of start of day

Target is fixed at Rs 1% of required capital

SL : Strict stop loss is defined to protect your capital , MTM SL is at -1200

Universal Exit : 2:55 PM or Target 1200 

Required Capital: Rs 180000 as per Zerodha for 1 lot of short straddle without hedging. Keep 10-20K extra money in account in case the required capital increases due to increase in VIX

backtest report:





Daily PnL Statement:

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Few Important points to note:

1. Paper trades PnL may be different than actual Pnl due to slippages. Sometimes paper trade profit would be greater than actual Pnl and sometimes it would be other way.

2. Paper trade for a month and then do Live offline for few days to get comfortable with the strategy.

3. PnL of each subscriber cannot be same since the entry price of each subscriber would be different and hence the SL and universal exit price would be different and hence the PnL would be different.

4. Trade with multiplier as per your risk taking capacity, but suggest you to keep it less for initial few months.

5. Do not override the strategy positions manually during the day  due to your emotions and let the algo do its job for best results.

6. Please keep an eye of entry and repair conditions of the strategy and in case of any error, please manage trades manually from TT platform. Error can occur due to many reasons like broker API server not responding, internal TT issue, or margin requirement not fulfilled etc.

7. Don't jump from strategies to strategies due to small losses. All strategies are good in one or the other way and should give you profit in the long run. Stick to consistently performing strategies.


I am not a SEBI registered and hence take advise from you financial advisor before subscribing to this strategy.

I will not be responsible for  your financial loss trading this strategy, hence advise you to keep your emotions aside and trade sensibly.

Past performance is not indicative of future results

PFB steps to manage trades manually in case of trade execution error due to technical reasons, broker api issues , etc


If the strategy is in error execution then the first step is to check the broker terminal if the position is reflecting there, then the user can select manually completed and proceed
if not then he’/she can try again
or select cancel and wait for a new signal to come in

System shows you following:-

Process to resolve Error - Execution status . Whilst this status is on, the trading engine cannot process your strategy and no new positions will be taken including exit, hence it should be addressed promptly once you receive error notification.

  1. Click on Manage next to status

  2. Try Again Option - If the issue was temporary and it has been fixed (lets say you had a margin shortfall and you have made that available) , the engine will try placing the order again with your broker

  3. Cancel Option - If you do not wish to take this trade now, select this and click on proceed. The status will change back to Live Entered and it will continue normally

  4. Manually Completed - If you have already taken the particular trade with your broker offline and want Tradetron to record it so that consistency is maintained, select this and click on proceed. The trade will not be fired with the broker and still it will start showing in your positions. You can then edit the price manually (by clicking on instrument name) to match the one taken with broker. So for strategies which have taken entry and couldn’t exit due to error but the broker has squared off the Intraday position, this option will resolve the issue. You can then choose to reactivate the strategy for next counter.