6.0 [Live] Phoenix Nifty Straddle

Created By: Phoenix Algos
Deployed By: Tradetron

Strategy Link: https://tradetron.tech/index.php/strategy/721898

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Margin 150,000



of Option Writing / Selling for Nifty :

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Credit goes to Mr Patel - who deployed on 12x straightaway - so don't be Mr Patel - start with 1x understand the risk and how it operates and focus on your P&L rather than PT or someone else's P&L. If you are getting profits stick around and don't judge by comparing with PT results. PT Results are illusion and Slippages are reality. And those who are patient to let the drawdown phase pass, can only sustain and make profits.

May 31, 2021 : Updating the Margin Required based on the new SEBI rules from June 1

This strategy SHORTS / WRITES Call and Put Options for 1 lot of Nifty for Intraday as Intraday Orders / MIS (Zerodha).

Target : Open

StopLoss : Max ~2.5K per day

Strategy (Links)


Entry Time





5 (Nifty and BNF Straddle)

3 L

9:15 AM

Dynamic SL on legs

Dynamic target (3-2.5k)

3 PM

Dynamic adjustment - can handle both dynamic and trending market both.


1.5 L

Hedged Version of 5 (OTM Buy) places MIS Orders


2 L

Hedged Version of 5 (OTM Buy) places NRML Orders

6.0 (Nifty Straddle)

1.5 L

9:15 AM

Fixed SL 2.5k per x

Open Target


1-2:30 PM

Best when sideways and SL when IV Spikes up OR market trends


0.8 L

Hedged Version of 6.0 (OTM Buy) places MIS Orders


1 L

Hedged Version of 6.0 (OTM Buy) places NRML Orders

6.1 (BNF Straddle)

1.5 L

9:15 AM

Fixed SL 2.5k per x

Open Target

1-2:30 PM

Best when sideways and SL when IV Spikes up OR market trends


0.65 L

Hedged Version of 6.1 (OTM Buy) places MIS Orders


0.9 L

Hedged Version of 6.1 (OTM Buy) places NRML Orders

Its passive income generation strategy with focus on earning the theta decay ( time component of the premium) during intraday. 

Be patient with the positions as it's time decay strategy, it will take its time to get you the P&L in the intraday. If you stop it in between or exit, it might not give you the expected results. Theta decay happens faster closer to expiry, so accordingly, we will get better results closer to expiry... so stay invested :) 

There will always be slippages in Live Auto Trade due to execution delays for any Automated strategy, so keep that in mind while attempting to compare decimal to decimal with Paper Trades !

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Back Testing Report : https://backtest.tradetron.tech/backtest/report-721898.pdf

(Please divide the RoI by 5 as i forgot to update the capital required to 1L)

Paper Trade Details : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_7XuSiIVlAr4nghL9f7tTQp2rwaj2BclJSfgzQQIG8E/edit?usp=sharing

Before going for Live deployment: (Credit to TradingBots for this nice explanation ! )

1.  Paper trade for a few days (at least a week) and understand the dynamics. Take your time and analyze the results for a few days before opting for live trading. Don't fall for instant gratification. Be patient. 

2. Diversification: Prefer diversifying your capital across all 5 strategies instead of using a higher multiplier in one. All strategies are good. Each one will have its good and bad days.

3. No manual intervention: Once you decide to deploy, make it a point to not interfere manually even if there is a loss. Don't use your personal discretion. Deploy only when you start trusting the strategies after paper trading.

4. Multiplier: Don't increase/decrease the multiplier on the basis of profits/losses. Keep it constant for at least a week. Else you might make losses on higher multipliers and profits on lower.

5. Stick to the strategy for at least a month: Don't discard any strategy very quickly. It's not a quick-rich scheme. You need to accept losses as well. Many people delete the deployments if they suffer a loss on the first day. This is not the right way of systematic trading. 

6. Intraday deployment and changes: Don't make any changes during trading hours eg: changing multiplier, pausing/reactivating, etc.

*We are not SEBI registered and the strategy shared is purely based on historical movements of indices. Please understand the risk before using this strategy. .

Disclaimer : These results are based on simulated or paper trading or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.

Capital 150 K
PNL 24.2 K
Drawdown 7.3 K (5%)
Std Deviation 0.17%
Sharpe Ratio 2.87
Month PNL PNL %
May, 21 12.2 K 8.17
Jun, 21 8.8 K 5.84
Jul, 21 -1.2 K -0.82
Aug, 21 4.4 K 2.94
Sep, 21 0 0.00