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To allow auto algo trading on Upstox,, you will have to follow the following steps to configure Upstox and Tradetron to talk to each other. 

1) Make a account / Login to Upstox API Creation Page 

2) Create a new app to allow connection between Upstox and Tradetron. Click on "Create new app". 

Use the following for the settings . You will get to see your tradetron userid in your Account Profile page. 

App Name : Tradetron 

Redirect URL :{your_tradetron_userid} 

Postback URL :{your_tradetron_userid}

Description : Tradetron App

Subscribe Services : You need to subscribe to Interactive API only. Historical API is not required. 

* you will get your Tradetron userid in your account profile page just below the profile pic. 

Once you create the app, you need 2 pieces of information from here to save on Tradetron. The App Id and the secret id as shown below 

4) These  have to be pasted on the Brokers & Exchanges settings on Tradetron. If you havent yet configured Upstox, Click on "Add Broker", select NSE, NFO, CDS, MCX and paste the Api Key and Api Secret as provided by Upstox. Enter a blank space for Token and click on save. 

5) Although fully configured, Upstox works with a token which is valid only for 24 hours and this token is re-generated  on a everyday basis and it expects you to login everyday for your protection. To generate token you can click on the following link{your_tradetron_userid}

Once you have logged in on the above link, it will redirect you to a "Success" page on Tradetron. If you get that, it means you are good to go.

For any questions or help in configuring the above, contact us at [email protected]