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For the video setup instructions please Click here

Users who are interested in opening an account with Kotak, Please register an account here

Registration URL for the kotak API and the user journey:

1. Please open this link
2. login using kotak credentials
3. You will be shown disclaimer
4. accept the disclaimer
5. You will receive your credentials of the api manager on your email address
6. Please follow the steps on the email to reach their consumer key and access token:
7. You can click ‘generate access token’ and set validity as( -2 )for perpetual token
(It is advised to use default application and to not modify the application settings)
8. Now you can copy the consumer key and access token and paste them on Tradetron, along with your trading account credentials (NOT the API manager credentials)

Once done, you have all the pieces of information from Kotak to link your account with Tradetron. Follow the below steps :

Step 1: Go to Broker and Exchanges in Tradetron from the top right Menu

Step 2: Select + Add Broker

Step 3: Select Kotak Securities from the drop down

Step 4: Enter your credentials you received from Kotak

Step 5: Save.

You are now ready to deploy any algo strategy in your Kotak Securities account.