Created By: Rajeev Kumar Bansal
Deployed By: Tradetron

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Subscribers: 23

Rating: 4.8

Tags EarnTheta, Directional, TrendFollowing, Intraday
Margin 200,000
Exchange NFO


This is my Flagship Intraday trading setup with Bank Nifty. 

With the grace of God, this strategy we was initiated in Feb'2021 with one lots (Rs 2 lacs) capital deployment with my self only and with in year time now it is Running with 120 Lots (Rs 2.40 Cr Capital deployment)  with 23 clients.

This is simple short straddle & Strangle setup - where premium  & Stop Loss  designed very unique way based on week days premium & Theta Decay, which makes it  suitable for every one with very healthy monthly average 4-5% ROI & Maximum DD of 4%. This set up has successfully completed one year on 17th Feb'22. 

Month wise ROI (Return on Investment) stated below. Tradetron results may vary, as we keep on adjusting & improving the setup for the betterment of the returns. Please do contact at for the one year date wise live Backtest Report.  

Interested one can use this strategies- free for first 15 days. (10 Trading sessions)

Bank NIFTY - Month Wise Summarized ROI
Month  Gross Avg ROI  Remarks
Feb-21 3.13% Manually Started From 18th 
Mar-21 6.93% Manual
Apr-21 9.67% Manual
May-21 2.87% Manual
Jun-21 2.00% Manual
Jul-21 6.86% Started -Algo (On Tradetron)
Aug-21 5.72% ALGO 
Sep-21 2.04% ALGO 
Oct-21 0.19% ALGO 
Nov-21 2.53% ALGO 
Dec-21 11.22% ALGO 
*Jan-22 -2.21% ALGO 
Feb-22 5.63% Till 17th Feb22
Total 56.59%  
Monthly - Avg 4.72%  
* Jan'22 Month  was Closed  Red (in Loss) 


Disclaimer : These results are based on simulated or paper trading or hypothetical performance results that have certain inherent limitations. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to these being shown.

Capital 200 K
PNL 4.9 K
Drawdown 253.7 (0%)
Std Deviation 0.01%
Sharpe Ratio 5.89
Month PNL PNL %
Sep, 21 405 0.20
Oct, 21 567.5 0.28
Nov, 21 1.7 K 0.85
Dec, 21 731.2 0.37
Jan, 22 672.5 0.34
Feb, 22 572.5 0.29
Mar, 22 180 0.09
Apr, 22 215 0.11
May, 22 -123.8 -0.06